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Parents, caretakers, medical staff and companies are consistently looking for high-quality, effective and efficient solutions to eradicate pathogens in the environment to protect everyone under this COVID-19 crisis better. We strive our best to meet clients’ needs by offering professional one-stop cleaning, deodorising, disinfecting and sanitising services that are certified to be 100% safe, 100% effective and 100% clean. While our products are effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi, it brings no irritation to the human body and no harm to nature. It is our mission to bring you a worry-free life without harming the environment. 

“Relief in Security. Belief in Humanity.” Our company slogan says it all.

Our People

Dr Horasis Leung

Chief Executive Officer & Principal Consultant

Dr Leung graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Public Health and held a Professional Master of Science (PSM) in Industrial Microbiology from Michigan State University. He returned to Hong Kong in 2007 and has been engaged in research and development, quality control, certification and certification in universities and commercial laboratories.

Will Law

Chief Operation Officer/ Technical Consultant.

Will first graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and then a Masters degree of Divinity from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Throughout years of study, he has been cultivating his mind with a broad field of knowledge including Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology and Hermeneutics, etc. As an owner for two cats for more than twenty years and an animal lover, he aspired to bring new sterilisation methods for pets. He has also worked in the education field for more than a decade; he embraced humanity and is passionate about making changes in the community. His unique background in both the science and education field helps to offer professional consultation service for our clients.

Viola Pak

Chief Brand Officer

Viola graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a Master of Design (Design Strategy) and Bachelor of Arts. She is an award-winning professional brand and marketing expert specialising in lifestyle products. As an environmental and animals advocate, Viola hopes to add elements related to nature in her projects. She was the first one to bring the concept of bamboo tissue-PulPage to Hong Kong. Through linking the environment and unique style of the product, Viola won several awards for her design. Responsible for the branding of RnB, she hopes to add human-centric design and creativity to the brand, she hopes to promote stylish design with environmental awareness.

Customer Testimonials

Teacher, used GG air fogging products to disinfect the school hall.

“Compared with other disinfectants in the market, GG is a safe and effective disinfectant that can apply to a large area .” As school is a place closely packed with young children, the disinfectant used there must be safe and effective. Goodbye Germs is a certified disinfectant, with the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) safety certification. It can be used in air fogging and is on the list of effective anti-COVID-19 disinfectants. GG’sGG’s products, used with air fogging technology, can perform deep cleansing in a large area in a short time. The school used Goodbye Germs products and sprayed disinfectant in the school hall of approximately 1,400 square feet.

Mr Shek
Head of the laboratory, used GG products to tackle mould contamination in the laboratory

“Professional advice from mould helps solve mold pollution in the lab.” There is mould contamination in the laboratory incubator. However, the use of ethanol disinfectant does not eliminate mould. Since laboratory equipment is expensive, corrosive disinfectants cannot be used. Autoclave, which is often used for disinfection in the laboratory, has a strong smell and hence is not preferred. Dr Ho used Goodbye Germs disinfectant to clean the laboratory work desk and the surface of the autoclave. The laboratory also used disinfectant inside the incubator, which was effective in just 4 minutes. It has been half a year since the incubator was cleaned, and no mould contamination was found.

Dr Ho
Company manager, ordered GG subscription plan

“Disinfectants are not pungent and will not cause nasal allergy.” The company has subscribed to the office sanitation and disinfection box plan at Subscription Global and will receive a bucket of 5L multi-purpose disinfectant for cleaning every month. The disinfectant has no pungent smell, so it does not affect colleagues with nasal allergies. It also can kill the virus to ensure the safety of employees.

Miss Fong
Vendor working in Tai Po Market with confirmed cases of COVID-19

“Easy and convenient to use, and it removes odour and germs on chopping board.” A vendor near the meat stall run by Mr Tang was diagnosed with COVID-19. Mr Tong hired the Goodbye germs team to carry out ULV air fogging to clean his stall. ULV air fogging disinfection service has proven effective against COVID-19. The products of Goodbye germs are natural and harmless. There will be no health risks, even if people contact or eat food that has been exposed to GG disinfectant.

Mr Tong
Head of a Non-profit Sheltered Workshop in New Territories

“RnB comprehensive service offers full protection.” The staff would work in different workshops from time to time, and there were confirmed cases of COVID-19 in another workshop of the organisation. Director Lin used GG disinfectant, disinfection door and disinfection column. The disinfection door and the disinfection column were placed at the entrance, and the staff must go through the whole body disinfection. At the same time, the facilities in the workshop were cleaned with GG disinfectant.

Director Lin
Owner of pet shop

“My pets like GG’s products. I also have less allergy after using GG.” There are confirmed cases of COVID-19 for pets, and the pet owner was worried about their health. The disinfectants they have been using were expensive and caused allergic effects. Thus, they brought GG Allergen Remover, which is non-toxic and safe for both human and animals. There is no pungent smell, and the pet owner showed fewer symptoms of allergy.

Ms Lee